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Evaluating Fungicide Plans and Disease Pressure

Published on Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Diseases have become a major topic this fall. We have seen gray leaf spot, Anthracnose stalk rot, Diplopia stalk and ear rot, and even southern rust. Corn has filled out well, but stalk quality has become a concern as plants have cannibalized with late stress. This is your chance to evaluate fungicide applications. Many diseases came in late and thus, the residual from your fungicide applications may be gone. In some cases, these diseases may not have affected yield dramatically. If you are planning to go corn after corn, consider what diseases you have and plant a hybrid with sufficient tolerance to them.

As your combines work through the fields, use your FARMserver™ scouting app to identify problem areas to look at this winter. What happened in those areas? Do we need to pull soil tests? Also, be sure your combine spread pattern is set to spread evenly the width of the corn head or grain table. This will help with planting next spring by reducing heavy residue areas, allowing soils warm up faster, and will create a more even distribution of nutrients. There is still time to consider a cover crop. Options become more limited the further we get into fall, but there are still some great programs to use.

Author: Steve Gauck