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Evaluating Your Combines Performance

Published on Wednesday, October 19, 2016

As harvest progresses in Ohio, we are finding out which fields received enough water and which did not. As you navigate these varying conditions, it’s important to continue evaluating your combine’s performance. We usually do a good job of setting the combine when we start harvest; but don’t forget to continually monitor threshing quality and crop losses. One setting in particular to keep an eye on this year is your corn head’s deck plates. With varying stalk sizes due to varying growing conditions, these may need to be adjusted
from field to field. Remember, on average, two kernels of corn or four soybeans per square foot on the ground is equal to one bushel of yield loss. Especially in a year like this one when yields may not be as high as we’d like, don’t leave yield in the field due to harvest loss.

Don’t forget to stay safe this fall. In the heat of the harvest season it’s easy to want to cut corners to speed things along. Farming can be dangerous, and one wrong move can mean serious injury for yourself or others. Take the time to think through your actions to ensure that you and those around you make it home safely each night.



Author: Alex Johnson