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Published on Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Last year was such an exciting year for Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® team. In 2016 we saw a tremendous amount of positive change in the PFR program as we:

  • Published data from our sixth research site in Colfax, Iowa
  • Brought on PFR agronomists to help determine the “why” aspect of our agronomic research
  • Held the first-ever PFR University
  • Published 40 studies with multi-location data
  • Continued to focus on sharing our knowledge with farmers through monthly PFR Reports, PFR Insight Meetings, and the development of the PFR Proven™ concept

Well hold on tight because 2017 is off to an impressive start and is going to be a wild ride! The protocols are written, the plans are laid out, and Beck’s PFR team is continuing their momentum in providing farmers with the best farmer-focused research and advisors to add profitability to their farm. 

So what can you expect? In 2017, Beck’s PFR will be: 

  • Conducting over 125 studies across six sites
    • 87% will have multi-location data
    • 38% are brand new studies
  • Testing over 100 products 
  • This year we are testing over 60 new products that have never been tested before in Beck’s PFR

Here is a sneak peek at our new 2017 studies. You can click here or on the image below for a full list of 2017 multi-location studies. 

2x2x2: Beck’s PFR will be evaluating the Yetter Dual 2968 Series and the Martin Dual Unit Mounted Opener planter attachments when applying fertilizer and products in a 2x2 placement on BOTH sides of the row. Agronomically, this concept has merit; roots grow on both sides of the corn plant. However, the first thing we need to evaluate is if placing product equally on both sides of the plant is more efficient for uptake. If applying product on both sides of the plant equally does prove to be beneficial, then our next question will be, “can we increase our rate and increase our yield?” 

In-furrow Placement Technologies: CapstanAG’s Seed-Squirter technology will allow us to place in-furrow products just where we need them…in the root zone, instead of along the entire seed trench. We are testing this technology to see if exact placement of in-furrow products directly in the root zone, will allow us to save money by using less total product and still keeping the same desired rate.  

We will also be evaluating Precision Planting’s new FurrowJet™, which will provide us more options on product placement within the seed trench. The FurrowJet allows farmers to choose between traditional placement directly over the seed, on the sides of the trench through the FurrowJet’s wings, or a combination of both. We will be testing different rates and combinations of products on both corn and soybeans to quantify the impact of in-furrow placement.

Keeping the Practical in Practical Farm Research: What effect can a simple management adjustment, such as the carrier rate on fungicide, make on product performance and return on investment (ROI)? Is 10 or 15 gallons enough? We will determine how much water carrier your R1 corn fungicide application needs to have the highest chance of success.  

Determining the Economic Optimal Nitrogen Rate (EONR) for corn has been a multi-location study in Beck’s PFR program for years. This year we will be taking a different look at nitrogen to determine what role nitrogen (N) form and/or source play in our N use, efficiency, and ROI. In this study we will evaluate the three most common sources of N; UAN, urea, and anhydrous ammonia, all at a V3 sidedress. Our hope is to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses that each source offers to help farmers make more profitable decisions when evaluating their N options. 

Choosing the correct closing wheels will also play a major role in the success of corn emergence especially in unfavorable conditions. But how will they impact soybean emergence? Beck’s PFR plans to find out in 2017.

To see a full list of our 2017 corn, soybean, and wheat multi-location studies, click here.

We’re excited for spring and to have the chance to test and evaluate the latest and greatest that the farming industry has to offer. While Beck’s PFR prides itself on being at the forefront of new product and equipment testing, we never lose sight of the fact that this research and knowledge is for one simple reason…to help farmers succeed. 

This article was written and submitted by Jared Chester, PFR Location Lead.

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