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If there is a need to replant a field of Beck's corn, soybeans, wheat or elite alfalfa, as determined by a Beck's representative, Beck's will furnish the seed and royalties FREE.

We will attempt to provide the same product for replant as customer originally planted. Substitutions of some products may be necessary. Replant must be planted in the same crop year as originally planted.

Seed Treatments

Using Escalate™ yield enhancement system means maximizing your farm’s yield potential.

What makes Escalate different?
Focused on pursuing innovations, we bring farmers the greatest possible advantages from the seed they plant. Our Escalate™ yield enhancement system does exactly that. Offering insect protection, improved stands and higher yields, escalate’s unique blend includes an industry-leading fungicide package and the highest rates of insecticide. Every corn kernel includes the optimum rate of Poncho® 1250 for season-long insect control and the protection of VOTiVO® against nematodes.

But it’s the combination of biologicals and/or a biostimulant that really sets Escalate apart. With its exclusive formulation and unique application, no one has a seed treatment like Beck’s. By treating everything in-house, we can ensure the consistency and coverage our customers expect. And because Escalate comes standard on every unit of seed, farmers can go to the field with confidence knowing that they’re maximizing their farm’s yield potential.

Escalate shows a profit increase per unit and yield advantage per acre in corn, soybeans and wheat. Price per unit figured as Yield Advantage X Market Price (as of October 2014) X Acres planted per unit. Bu./A. advantage taken from Beck’s multi-year Practical Farm Research (PFR)® data.

Take Control of SDS in soybeans

By adding ILeVO® fungicide to Beck’s standard Escalate™ mix, Escalate SDS provides an additional layer of protection against sudden death syndrome (SDS) in soybeans. Escalate SDS will protect the root system from SDS fungus in the seed zone and mitigate the above-ground late season damage caused by the SDS fungus, ultimately producing healthier plants for higher yield potential.

Escalate provides a 6 Bu./A. yield advantage over untreated seed, and the protection of ILeVO adds an additional 2-4 Bu./A.

In 2015, Beck’s multi-location PFR study of early-planted soybeans showed an average 2.5 Bu./A. yield advantage from the addition of ILeVO in a low pressure year. We anticipate the 2016 PFR study to show a much greater yield response with the increased pressure of SDS.

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Why Escalate™ yield enhancement system work better than competitive seed treatments?

  • High and/or highest labeled rates for all active ingredients (e.g. Poncho® 1250/VOTiVO®)
  • More uniform rate and application per seed
  • Premium polymer coating for maximum seed protection
  • Pre-package treating offers superior quality and less seed damage compared to third party treatment systems
  • Comes standard on all Beck's seed at no extra charge

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