2018 PFR Insight Meetings

These are not your average agronomic meetings...

We felt like the most important thing to tell you is what these meetings are not about. You won’t have to sit through a sales pitch. No one will present our 2018 product lineup. There will be zero talk of sales programs or products. 

So what can you expect? An insightful hour of Practical Farm Research and agronomic information on products and practices that can help you succeed. We’re going to focus on user-friendly profit margins – what you can implement that doesn’t cost a lot but will help your bottom line. These are the studies you can take home and apply on your farm to help increase your profitability.

These meetings will focus on how you can implement new strategies and practices on your own farm to increase profitability. Below are the three topics that will be discussed.

PFR Proven Class of 2017: Multi-year, multi-location proven products and practices that continue to pay, year after year after.

User-Friendly Profit Margins: Simple, cost effective practices that you can implement on your farm to help increase your bottom line.

Regional Updates: These topics are developed by the local agronomist to address challenges in your area this past year and how we can learn from.

Our PFR Insight meetings will empower you with the knowledge and resources you need to find your breakeven point to implement these PFR Proven products and practices on your own farm.

Attend a meeting near you to receive your exclusive PFR Proven Profit Poster!


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